Prepare HR as Co-Owner of Flexibility

Who is responsible for an organization's flexible work strategy? The answer is both the business and Human Resources are co-owners committed to flexible work success.  

The business and employees must own flexible work if they are going to understand how to use it to solve problems and grab opportunities day-to-day, but Human Resources is a powerful partner.

Human Resources does more than monitor compliance with state and federal regulations. They are a valuable expert resource and coach/facilitator responsible for coordinating key aspects of the flexible work strategy, often behind the scenes.

From the beginning Human Resources works with leaders, managers and employees to:

  • Identify and coordinate with key stakeholders across the organization.
  • Build a broad, strong business case for flexible work that goes beyond recruitment and retention.
  • Influence support for the strategy.
  • Identify the behaviors and skills necessary for flexible work success.
  • Provide the tools and training to develop those behaviors and skills. 
  • Align systems, policies and programs with the flexible work strategy.
  • Problem-solve to find win-win flexible work solutions.  

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