Strategic Flexible Work In Action

Strategic flexible work in action simultaneously solves many of the challenges that business and people grapple with every day. For example:

  • Disengaged employees? Give them greater work flexibility.
  • Cover global clients without burning your people out?  Flexibly coordinate their schedules.
  • Manage costs related to health care, real estate and turnover?  Target telework, flexible hours and reduced schedules.
  • Attract and retain valuable talent throughout all phases of their life and career?  Flexibly reset the fit between their work and lives.
  • Ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen disasters? Build telework and flexible hours contingency plans.

But it must be a part of the way the business and employees operate day-to-day. Not a stand-alone policy or program that may sound good, may even win awards, but has no real impact.     

Strategic work flexibility is a partnership between an organization and its people. Unfortunately, most leaders and employees still don’t understand the power of telework, flexible hours, compressed work schedules and part-time: 

As a result, problems continue, opportunities are lost, and money is unnecessarily left on the table.  

It's time for leaders, managers and people to partner for award-winning flexible work success. 


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