Why Work+Life Fit, Not Balance

How do you balance work and life? The truth is you can’t.

There is no magical 50-50 split between your life on and off the job. There is no "right" answer.  

But there is your own unique work+life "fit," or the "fit" between your work and personal realities that changes day-to-day and at major life transitions, like when you go back to school, start a business, have a baby, care for an aging relative or work in retirement.   

Partner with your employer, capture the work flexibility you have and use it to actively manage your work+life fit in a way that works for you and your job.  

This is a modern skill that most of us don't have, but that everyone can learn!  That includes men, women, parents, non-parents, single, married, family caregivers, entrepreneurs, people who work for someone else, pre-retirees or those just starting their careers.  

When you shift from work/life "balance" to find your work+life “fit”, you will:

  • Talk about what you could have, not what you don't have
  • See solutions, not problems
  • Stop comparing, and judging what's "right" or "wrong"
  • Move beyond the guilt of what you should do, to what you can do

Welcome to the work+life "fit" revolution.

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